Eating Disorder Recovery Summer Reading List Book #1

Taylor here, kicking us off with one of my absolute FAV books. I read it in the midst of COVID and recommended it to basically every client afterward! 

More Than a Body-Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament 

Written by twins, Lindsay and Lexie Kite, who have their PhD’s in body image research and co-founded the non-profit Beauty Redefined. This book evaluates the sociological, psychological and anthropological origins of society’s fixation on the “ideal” body.

Each chapter begins with a journal prompt, gently nudging readers to think about their own experience with topics presented. It can be easy to skip over these, but don’t! 

This book provides practical advice and exercises on self-reflection and self-compassion to help readers develop resilience against diet culture. It’s even endorsed by Chelsea Clinton who says “[This book is] an indispensable resource for women of all ages, this is a guide to help us better connect to ourselves, to value ourselves, to love ourselves, and ultimately, to be ourselves”.

You can purchase More Than a Body now on Amazon!

* If you choose to click this link and make a purchase, LK Nutrition may earn a small commission through amazon associates.

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