Healthy Hormones Gift Guide 2023

For the Yogi

Hot Yoga Dome

An absolute must for someone looking to do hot yoga (or pilates, barre, strength, meditation, etc) in the comfort of their own home. It took me months to finally give in and purchase mine, and I am happy to say, it was one of the BEST decisions I made for myself. After a year of having it, I have already saved money using my dome compared to the amount of money I would have spent on expensive yoga studios, gas, and time traveling to classes.

I especially love it this time of year. It’s my own toasty oasis! I have the “compact” size with a window and it is perfect for a one-person practice. Use code taylorlechner10% to save yourself $$$

The Glow Method online fitness membership

What’s the Hot Yoga Dome without studio style classes to take in it?? I’ve touted Kaylie and her online classes for awhile now. She is my absolute favorite yoga instructor out there and I love her style, flow and philosophy. She emphasizes listening to your body and doing movement that feels good vs. to change your shape.  She is an approved instructor in our Exercise Freedom course!

Her app and online platform are one-stop-shops for a variety of fitness classes including barre, pilates, yoga, strength and more! My favorites are her strength and cardio vinyasa and sculpt and flow classes. Each a spicy take on traditional yoga. 

Travel yoga mat

I bought one of these for myself years ago and it goes with me on almost all my travels. Whether it’s to Cleveland or Italy. It’s so portable and light and offers the perfect thickness for on-the-go yoga or fitness classes. 

Bala bangles

Perfect for the yogi who wants to pump up the strength during classes. I routinely wear mine during barre, pilates and sculpt classes I take. I have the 2# weights, and am considering getting a pair of the 1# too!

For the Animal Lover

Embark dog DNA test

My mom got this for Blue last year and it was so fun to see what breed(s) he is. It was really easy to get the sample too-simply swab their mouth for a few seconds, put it in a test tube, mail it off and wait for the results. 

It also notes any medical concerns to be on the lookout for based on their genetics. Super cool! 

Cuddle Clones

I just recently found Cuddle Clones and am already obsessed. You send a picture of your pet and they make a surprisingly accurate replica in stuffed animal form. This is perfect for little kids (who am I kidding, also adults) or friends/family who recently lost a pet who want the comfort of snuggling with them. 

They also have pajamas with your pet’s face on them too!

Donations to local pet charities or shelters

Sometimes gifts don’t need to be tangible and this is a great example. Rescues are struggling right now. They are in desperate need of funds, time and volunteers. Giving an ongoing or one time donation, volunteering some of your time or purchasing an item from their wish list, does wonders.

Here are my favorite organizations doing great things for animals in need: 

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Great coffee for a cause. What could be better? I love G&H and regularly shop their seasonal flavors and always have some dark roasts on hand. For the real coffee lover, they offer a coffee subscription at a discounted rate! They even have cute clothing (for humans and non-humans), brewing gear, cups and mugs. 

For the Foodie

Stainless steel cookware

This is on my list this year as I am finally throwing out my non-stick versions. Stainless steel versions help you ditch the chemicals and cook safer. Plus, they are better for the environment. 

Bonus, stainless steel is made to last. If you invest in a quality set, you won’t have to constantly repurchase pots and pans in the future after they become scratched. 

Propello Life supplements

Great for the baker who wants to make his/her recipes a little more balanced. I love adding their spiced vegan vanilla protein powder to my oatmeal, muffins and energy balls. Their vanilla collagen is also a favorite of mine in my coffee. 

Propello Life is a local, family owned company who I trust to make great quality, tasty supplements with transparent ingredients. Use the code TAYLOR10 to save $$!

Imperfect foods

Who doesn’t love high-quality groceries delivered right to your doorstep? I’ve been ordering from Imperfect for years and they recently merged with Misfits Market to offer even more items (including wine!).

They offer farmer market quality and supermarket prices, all while reducing food waste. I get excited every Thursday when my shopping window opens up to see what goodies they have to try. I almost exclusively buy my meat and seafood from them as they take special care to offer humane, sustainable options as much as possible.

While it is a subscription service, you can skip (or donate) your food as often as you want! 

Glass food storage containers

Similar to replacing my non-stick with stainless steel cookware, I am also subbing out my plastic food storage containers for glass to avoid endocrine disruptors. Also, on my personal Christmas list this year :). 

The Self-care Queen

Clearstem Skincare No Botox Serum

Cleastem Skincare specifically focuses on products to help clear acne AND prevent signs of aging. I love all their products, but especially adore their Bounceback serum. It’s safe for acne prone skin, reduces and prevents fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. I use it both my morning and night and it’s the ultimate hydrator for my skin. 

All products are cruelty free, free of hormone disruptors and contain nothing but natural, clean ingredients. This reminds me….I need to go purchase some more!

Red light face mask

Ready for a mood boost and glowing skin? Look no further. I have just begun researching red light therapy and am amazed with how many benefits it gives us. Research shows using red light therapy naturally helps regulate your sleep/wake cycles, reduces inflammation, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne and much more. 

Bonus: with this face mask version, you can multitask while you use it!

Castor oil pack

In addition to red light therapy, castor oil packs have been another go-to form of self-care for me recently. Similarly, there is a ton of research on the benefits of castor oil for the body. This includes: 

  • Natural liver and lymphatic drainage support
  • Hormone balance 
  • Deep sleep and less stress
  • GI disturbances like constipation, bloating and inflammation

I love the Queen of Thrones castor oil pack because you don’t need a heat source and can use it while multitasking. Use the code FUELINGHORMONES10 to save $$.

Ice Roller

Ahh, an ice bath for your face. Seriously though, ice rolling your face daily helps depuff and reduce inflammation. I use it whenever I feel a pesky zit blooming. It instantly decreases the pain and sometimes the zit never even surfaces. This is a great stocking stuffer idea!

Hopefully, this gave you some gifting inspiration (or helped you identify a few things to put on your list!). Happy holidays everyone! 

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