Hormone Healing

Restoring hormonal balance through
nourishing foods & non-diet lifestyle

Eating Disorder recovery

Eating disorders reek havoc on your hormones and other body systems impacting them (GI system, liver, etc).

Taylor will help you continue your healing journey once you're in a stable space in recovery through gentle nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

stopping birth control

Thinking of coming off of birth control or recently stopped? It's important to plan ahead and support your body ahead of time.

This prevents nasty PMS symptoms that may have driven you to start the pill to begin with (i.e. acne, painful periods, lost period, etc.) from coming back with a vengeance.

general hormone Health

Tired of doctors telling you there is nothing wrong and conventional lab tests coming back normal?

You know your body best, and oftentimes hormonal imbalances are to blame for you not feeling your best. We address and target the root causes leading to health concerns, helping you feel like your best self again.

Signs you might have a hormone imbalance

Absent , light or irregular periods

Acne, eczema, or other skin conditions

Heavy, painful periods

Low sex drive

Chronic fatigue

Hair loss/growth

Bloating or other digestive issues

Anxiety or depression

Hormone Testing

Your periods shouldn't ruin your life

How many times have you been told “that’s just a part of being a woman” when experiencing dreadful periods or PMS. From early on, we are taught it’s normal to feel bad, especially around our periods. 

However, this doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, your period is a monthly report card. If something is wrong, it’s a sign your body needs some additional love & support. 

take back control of your Health

Our hormone testing bundle utilizes the DUTCH  Complete to measure sex and adrenal hormones, detoxification pathways, nutritional organic acids-B12, B6, glutathione, and more. This pinpoints exactly where imbalances lie in YOUR body. 

The test is completed in the comfort of your own home through a urine sample. Taylor will provide you with customized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations based on your results.

Cycle Syncing Nutrition eBook

learn what to eat, when, to feel great all month long

Ideal for women with regular periods and not on hormonal birth control, this eBook focuses on what foods & nutrients to add during each phase of your cycle to enhance hormonal health and well-being. Unlike some other cycle syncing resources, it does not promote restrictive eating or the elimination of  certain foods.

Delicious recipes & master nutrient guide

Featuring easy, tasty meal and snack ideas you’ll love such as salted peanut butter protein truffles, roasted vegetable and bean tostadas, lemony hummus and more!

The master nutrient guide provides you with an extensive list of example foods to incorporate at each phase of your cycle to take out guess work.

nutrition tips from a non-diet Dietitian

Throughout the book, Taylor offers general nutrition advice related to meal planning, beating food anxiety, cooking techniques and more. 

Buh Bye Birth control Master Class

Scared of coming off the pill?

Do you want to stop, but are terrified of the negative side effects? You are not alone. In fact, many women were originally put on BC to “fix” common health concerns like acne, irregular periods, painful cramping and more.

Unfortunately, the pill does not fix these problems, it only masks them…until you stop it. Then they come back and are oftentimes worse than before you started.

helping prepare your body to come off the pill the right way

Fortunately, there are things you can do to heal your body and prevent these frustrating symptoms from returning. 

This course provides you with step-by-step instructions to help target all the body systems negatively impacted by the pill. This includes the gut, liver, micronutrient imbalances, and more. All from a non-diet, eating disorder informed lens.

You will walk away with the tools and education you need to safely and confidently transition off of birth control the right way.   

Nutrition Counseling

1:1 sessions with taylor

This is perfect for those looking for individualized recommendations and support to fit your unique needs. We’ll start with a 60-90 minute nutrition assessment to discuss your current health habits, medical history and concerns.

Subsequent follow-ups focus on specific nutrition interventions to help empower you to meet your goals. Functional testing may be recommended to identify and target imbalances within the body. 

Accepting most major insurances

Taylor is in network with Blue Cross, Anthem, Aetna, United Healthcare and Cigna. 

Self-pay options are available for those who do not have insurance coverage. Email taylor@lknutritionohio.com for more details.

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