About This Course

Exercise Freedom is a value-packed, self-paced, 10 module course designed to help you break free from compulsive exercise and reclaim a joyful relationship with movement once and for all!

Do Any of these sound familiar?

You find it hard to take a day off of exercise. Or, feel anxious and when you do

Exercise interferes with relationships, school, work

Exercise prevents you from doing other things you enjoy

You oftentimes feel tired after exercising vs. energized

Exercise is the only thing that makes you feel energized

Exercise is the only thing that makes you feel better or helps you cope

You’re terrified to re-incorporate exercise due to past trauma or negative experiences with it

You base what you’re “allowed” to eat on how much you’ve exercised


What's Included:

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Meet Your Instructors

Taylor & Jessi are registered dietitians who not only share a passion for food, but feel-good movement as well. 

As a result of struggling with her own disordered relationship with movement in the past, Taylor LOVES helping clients regain their lives back from exercise. She uses a combination of lived-experience as well as her formal iMove training to guide discussions with clients. Her current favorite forms of movement include hot yoga, barre, and walks with her pup, Blue. 

Jessi is a former athlete and brings her knowledge of sports and competition to the table. Having competed in figure skating and gymnastics as a child she has experienced, first hand, the crossover between sports and body image distress. As a result of this, her passion to help others learn how to properly fuel for their sports has bloomed. In her free time she enjoys hiking and long walks in nature with her pup, Louie. 

Ready to re-discover the joy in exercise?


This program has been adapted into a fully virtual course that you will be able to complete in the comfort of your own home at your own pace!

This course is not available for insurance coverage at this time.

One benefit of this online course is that it can be offered at a lower cost compared to 1:1 counseling. 

This course is not a substitution for eating disorder care but could be a great addition to concurrent treatment. 

This course if intended for individuals 16+ years old as content provided is presented at a higher level. However, with parental guidance, this course could be beneficial for younger participants as well!

No, although this course combines education and active application through physical movement, all activities can be completed without additional equipment.

Yes! We also offer a bundled package that includes 3 individual sessions with Taylor or Jessi for a small additional fee. Check it out here!

All sales for the Exercise freedom course are final. We do not offer refunds. Please ensure you are able to fully make all payments in full and on time prior to purchasing.

Follow this link to our contact page and send us a message to connect!

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