Nutrition Counseling for Adults with Eating Disorders

A step-by-step guide for dietitians to effectively treat individuals suffering from eating disorders

Why this course?

No matter what setting you end up working in as a RD, you WILL encounter clients with disordered eating. Unfortunately, we do not learn nearly enough information about how to counsel these individuals in school. This leads many of us feeling stuck and frustrated not knowing how to help. I get it, I have been there!

After taking this course, you will walk away feeling confident and well-equipped to support your clients with eating disorders, at any stage. You will understand how you can help guide them in recovery using specific dietetic interventions.

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What's Included

  • 16 hours worth of course content & materials for you to work through at your own pace you most
  • Enroll in the bundled 7 module course, or pick and choose topics which interest you most
  • Detailed PowerPoint slides with accompanying recordings
  • Client-ready handouts to use in your practice
  • Master tips sheets, research articles, and recommended reading to enhance learning
  • 8.5 CDR-approved continuing education credits
  • Lifetime access to all content

Topics Covered

Our guarantee to you:

Whether you see the occasional client or it is your full-time job, you will have the education and hands-on tools you need to effectively guide clients towards recovery. You will have access to the most up-to-date research and interventions used in the treatment of eating disorders. After completing this course, you will walk away feeling confident and equipped to treat this population. 

Ready to Become an Expert?

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