CliniCal Supervision

Ever wonder how the brightest dietitians in your field find their confidence and seem so well versed in their niche? We would be willing to bet these individuals have engaged in some sort of clinical supervision throughout their career. 

So, you may be wondering, what is clinical supervision and how can it benefit me? 

Clinical supervision is a practice that is highly common in the fields of therapy and counseling. The basics involve finding a nutrition mentor who you think highly of and building a working relationship to help you grow and develop your skills. The goal outcome is increased confidence in your clinical skills which will lead to being able to give the best to the clients you serve!


How can we support you

With a combined experience of over 10 years in the eating disorder space, Jessi & Taylor here at LK Nutrition are well equipped to provide you expert supervision no matter what you are looking for. Having been supervised by a combination of eating disorder specialized therapists and dietitians themselves Jessi & Taylor have found their way through many sticky clinical and professional situations.

LK Nutrition practices from a non-diet and weight inclusive approach. Topics of supervision include but are not limited to boundary setting, ethical dilemmas, resources, clinical skills, counseling development, finding your flow of care with clients, and having difficult discussions.

Step One

Reach out! Send us an inquiry by clicking the link below to indicate your interest and add any additional questions you may have.
Connect with us in a free 15 minute interest call to explore your questions and expectations. Ask us whatever you need to fully understand the purpose and benefits of 1:1 supervision with a tenured dietitian. We will reach out to you following receipt of your contact submission from step one.

Step Two

Step Three

If you choose to work together we will send you a short questionnaire to understand the nature of your work and the role we will be playing. Once this is completed we will send you our availability for our first session.


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